Peetamber Kumar Mahanand

Hello! I am Peetamber Kumar Mahanand, leading  Business consultant across India. As being a responsible & kind citizen of our nation, I believe that it is my moral duty to create an opportunity of exponential growth for people. And I would simply love to contribute to their success stories and letting them reach the next level of achievements and happiness.

My mission is to be the helping hand to maximum number of people in their Money Life.

With an experience of my journey as a Businessman, as a Freelancer & Job, I found that Money is not only the success factor over anything but also Learning Attitude towards your Goal takes over everything. In fact, the surroundings like people & atmosphere around you matter the most.

I started my career at a very young age  since the age of 8 years and I am 28 today. That means it gives me 20 years of experience at this age, isn’t it amazing? I have cleared BBA, MBA, and many more courses so that I can learn and help as many people as I can. And that gives me bliss & happiness!

People believe that earning more money, keep learning new things & getting quality people are difficult at the same time. But the fact is with proper guidance you can do all these at a time. The formula is, the perfect combination of art as well as science. And all you need to do is to act.

So let’s connect and grow together…


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